Bruce Pearl at Boston College

Bruce Pearl at Boston College
What it could look like

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking for Our first break!!

Ok so I thought I had Bruce Pearl's email but one of our readers pointed out it wasn't. Good job!

If you can find it please pass it on so we can get it out to the BC Faithfull!!


Photoshop Bruce Pearl into Boston College!

Wow this is really a busy day one!! I've had a great response so far and I know that this is just the beginning! Together we will bring Bruce Pearl to BC!!
Now I know the Photoshoped image of Bruce Pearl above is terrible, but that's ok. It took me about three minutes to make and was intended just as a place holder. However it has generated some interesting discussions so I thought I would give the BC community the task of creating some new Bruce Pearl at BC photos!
Send me your photos and I'll post them on the blog!!

Also if anyone wants to send a video message to Bruce or to the rest of the BC Faithful I'll be happy to post them here!!


Time to let our voices be heard!

Hi all my fellow BC Eagles!! This is an exciting time to be following the Heights! I know that if we all band together we can make things happen. Remember there is power in numbers!!
I am going to post some phone numbers to call and email addresses to write to, to let the powers that be know where we stand! Remember be polite!!

Flynn Fund - (617) 552-0772 The Flynn fund is the best way to make things happen! Remember money talks! A call and a donation will go a long way. If you open up your check book they will listen. And remember tell them "I am donating to the Flynn Fund because I want to see Bruce Pearl as the next Basketball head coach!"

Media Relations - (617) 552-3004

Athletics Department - 617-552-3000

Gene DeFilippo - - Ultimately he makes the final decision. It is his responsibility to find the best fit for the school. He has a tough job and has performed admirably to date. We are lucky to have him as our AD! Let him know where you stand and that you would love to see Bruce as and Eagle!!

Father William P Leahy
President, Office of the President 617-552-3250 - The President of the School, he his ultimately responsible for signing the check! Let him know you want Bruce Pearl to represent Boston College!

Like I said we are stronger as a group than as an individual. The more they hear from us the better. Remember money talks so it wouldn't hurt to donate to the Flynn Fund and let them know that donation is to bring in Bruce Pearl! Be polite and remember our motto "Ever to Excel"


Life with out Skinner day 2

Today begins day 2 of a new era in Boston College Basketball. We as the Boston College Community would like to thank Al Skinner for everything he has done for our school and for the program. He was a great coach and the program is truly better now than it was ten years ago. He will be missed and we wish him the best of luck.
Now it is time to turn the page to the next chapter. It is time to look forward and not back. Now is the time for Boston College to make a splash and begin our drive to becoming a National Powerhouse.
We here and Bring Bruce Pearl to Boston College URGE ALL FANS, STUDENTS, AND ALUMS to email or call the administration at Boston College and urge them to bring in Bruce Pearl as our next head coach.
We urge all fans to flood the interwebs with calls to Bruce Pearl to come back to his Alma Mater and assume the reigns as our Next Head Coach.
With your help, if we all join together, Bruce Pearl will be the Head Coach of the Boston College Eagles!!!
If you would like to contribute to this blog, please email me and I will post your contribution!! Please forward this site to all your fellow BC EAGLES Friends and Family!

Thank you!
GO EAGLES!!! Bring Bruce Pearl To BC!!!