Bruce Pearl at Boston College

Bruce Pearl at Boston College
What it could look like

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to let our voices be heard!

Hi all my fellow BC Eagles!! This is an exciting time to be following the Heights! I know that if we all band together we can make things happen. Remember there is power in numbers!!
I am going to post some phone numbers to call and email addresses to write to, to let the powers that be know where we stand! Remember be polite!!

Flynn Fund - (617) 552-0772 The Flynn fund is the best way to make things happen! Remember money talks! A call and a donation will go a long way. If you open up your check book they will listen. And remember tell them "I am donating to the Flynn Fund because I want to see Bruce Pearl as the next Basketball head coach!"

Media Relations - (617) 552-3004

Athletics Department - 617-552-3000

Gene DeFilippo - - Ultimately he makes the final decision. It is his responsibility to find the best fit for the school. He has a tough job and has performed admirably to date. We are lucky to have him as our AD! Let him know where you stand and that you would love to see Bruce as and Eagle!!

Father William P Leahy
President, Office of the President 617-552-3250 - The President of the School, he his ultimately responsible for signing the check! Let him know you want Bruce Pearl to represent Boston College!

Like I said we are stronger as a group than as an individual. The more they hear from us the better. Remember money talks so it wouldn't hurt to donate to the Flynn Fund and let them know that donation is to bring in Bruce Pearl! Be polite and remember our motto "Ever to Excel"



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  3. Gota get a petition or something going... get the numbers up

  4. Already sent Gene my thoughts on the ROI of the increased salary of BP.